Business Law


Our goal is to help our clients establish long-term business strategies and to advise them as they move through development, management, and operation of their business growth. We draw on our years of experience as Metro-Detroit corporate business attorneys with in-house and entrepreneurial experience of their own to help clients navigate confidently down their chosen business path while minimizing legal risk and proactively planning for the road ahead. Our role as trusted business lawyers in Metro-Detroit and advisor is to provide the benefit of our professional insight and earn your trust through years of reliable advice.

As corporate business attorneys based in our Metro-Detroit offices, we advise clients on all aspects of their business operations. Initially, one of the first decisions that must be made is determining and selecting the form of entity under which your business will operate.  Our Metro-Detroit business lawyers review and help (along with a client’s accounting/tax advisors) identify what structure of structure best suit your needs, such as a limited liability company (LLC), corporation (discussing the difference between an “s” election and regular c-corporation), professional corporation, professional limited liability company, partnership, etc., and then draft and file the documentation required to form the chosen entity. Our Metro-Detroit small business attorneys will help take care of any legal hurdles so that your business is healthy as it grows.